My Family

Edio Crotta (father): Edio was my first trainer and the most important person in my career. Today he still is my biggest supporter and mentor.


Clarita Crotta (mother): She is the good soul and manager of the family. She always stands behind her three children with her whole heart and with a lot of commitment.


Fabio Crotta (brother): My "big" little brother! He is an amazing talent in the saddle and I'm very proud of his huge success and his wonderful family.


Sabrina Crotta: The strong woman that stands beside my brother, and who is a successful showjumper herself.


Mike Fabio Crotta: The cutest and most charming little man on this earth. He makes our family perfect.


Vanessa Crotta (sister): My little sister is the calm and ease of our family. In her own clever and diplomatic way she is in charge of the family's riding school.


Enzo Crotta (uncle): With his big heart and his will to help he is an enormous support. The whole Crotta  family usually meets up at his place around a great dinner; laughing and talking a lot.


Sören Kühl (boyfriend): My partner in my private and work life. He is the most important person in my life.


Celly: The best dog ever!